New terminal in Tuan Chau tourist port

Tuan Chau international tourist port has officially put the new station into operation.

Tuan Chau wharf

Tuan Chau wharf

The new station was built on the ground of the old station, which was invested, renovated and expanded with professional design, with the total floor area of over 8,000 m2, more than 1,000 seats and can receive about 3,000 visitors at the same time waiting for boarding the cruise to visit Halong Bay.

To meet the needs of tourists, as well as creating the best conditions for the implementation of service units working in the port, the port management unit has arranged the station according to functional areas. Specifically, the area for procedures are widely arranged with modern equipment, to meet the needs of the work force at ports such as inland waterway, Halong Bay Management Board, Port management…

Besides, the new terminal also has a supermarket, children’s play areas, health centers, tradition music performance, post office and travel information areas. To assist passengers about schedules to visit Ha Long Bay, the new station is equipped with large screen monitor, continuously posting information about services, provide drinking water machine, free cold towels for tourists.


Halong bay to end parties in cave

At a press briefing in Ha Long city, Mr Pham Hong Ha – Chairman of Ha Long city people’s committee, also head of the management board of Ha Long Bay – said the conclusion of the meeting between the Committee and related agencies, Quang Ninh provincial People’s Committee demanded an end on dining activities in the caves October 2016. However, Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee also assigned Ha Long city to coordinate with the departments concerned to advise and propose to develop new tourism products, but to ensure the safety, security, environmental sanitation and compliance with regulations and laws.

Halong cave dining

Halong cave dining

According to Ha, from 2005, the Quang Ninh authorities have assigned Halong Bay tourism service company to organize dinner service and art activities in Trong cave only. However, recently, at other caves and grottoes such as Ho Dong Tien, Tien Ong, Grass cave, Virgin caves continue to organize this type of service.

Therefore, Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee decided to completely terminate dining service in the caves of Halong Bay to preserve intact the natural values of the World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay, minimize activities likely to have negative impact to the landscape and environment of Ha Long Bay, promoting the values of the world natural heritage Ha Long Bay.

Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee requires Ha Long city authorities to notify individuals and organizations to cease cave dining before the end of September 2016. For the Ha Long Bay tourism service company, to stop dining operations at Trong cave before October 31.

As reported before, the dining service in the cave by Halong Tourism Service company has caused a sensation in the public, as it is not only harming the heritage but also making the picture of Halong bay ugly as a famous landscape worldwide.

Agreeing with the prohibition of party in caves of Ha Long bay, especially in the core area, but some travel companies suggested that research is needed to develop this product in a certain area , with the extremely strict regulations, to provide catering services in Halong bay became a “specialty” of international standard only in Ha Long.

Representative from an international travel company said dining service of small scale in some caves or beaches in the buffer zone of Ha Long Bay has always attracted travelers, especially international visitors, and not all tourists can enjoy this service, only travelers doing long trip on the bay are allowed. This is a special advantage of Ha Long Bay.


How to go kayaking in Halong bay

Kayaking in Halong bay

Kayaking in Halong bay

Halong bay has been considered as one of the best places for kayaking in the world. Kayaking tours in Halong Bay appeared in the early 90s of the last century. At first, private Halong cruises with kayaking was primarily for adventurous foreign tourists. But so far, the domestic travelers, especially young people who are active and love exploring are also very interested in this type of tourism.

Kayaking will help you discover Halong Bay in a unique and exciting way. Once you visit Halong Bay, have a go at rowing the kayak and visit fishing villages in Vung Vieng, Cong Dam… and explore the beautiful scenery on the bay as well as the lives of the fishermen here. For many visitors, the most interesting thing is that they are rowing into the tunnel caves to explore countless stalactites that Halong bay is blessed with strange shapes and sizes. Especially when the kayak go into the lower tunnels, you will have to stick your hand inside and pushed the boat into the cave, visitors will have to lie on the boat to go through the cave. According to experienced rowers, kayaking in Halong bay is a sport that is quite dangerous for those who can not swim, or lose your temper. However, to feel all the majestic beauty of the bay and explore the stunning cliffs and caves, visitors do not miss this opportunity. You can paddle alone or accompany others to discover the bay in your own way.

As a visitor you want to experience to discover Halong Bay by kayaking, you can join the tour overnight on the bay with luxury junks. Because this is part of an itinerary most cruise ships are equipped with kayaks for guests to explore in the beautiful and safe places. On the other hand, traveling to Halong bay, you can also go to destinations such as Ti Top Island, Sung Sot cave, Bo Nau cave, Vung Vieng fishing village where there are kayak rental service, you’ll be able to rent the kayaks yourself, for about 10 usd/hour. There are several types of kayaks made of composite plastic, molded rubber or inflatable boat with oars. Areas such as Luon Cave, Ba Trai Dao, Ba Ham, Dau, Hang Co islets… is the appropriate place to go kayaking.


Enjoy a deluxe cruise in Halong bay

Are you on vacation? If you are on vacation, then maybe you are looking for a fun thing to do during your free time. After months of hard work and spending long and stressful hours at the office, you should make sure that your vacation will be worthwhile. One of the most popular ways of spending time during vacations is by going on a trip. If you are looking for a place where you can relax and enjoy, then Halong Bay Indochina junk is one of your best options.

Ba Trai Dao islets

Ba Trai Dao islets

Halong Bay is situated at the northeastern region of Vietnam. It is 180 km east of Hanoi and can be reached by car for approximately 3-4 hr. drive from there. The Bay is set in Gulf of Tonkin.

Top Attractions in Halong Bay
If you really want to have an escape form the modern world where cars and sound of machineries are what you see and hear every day, then you must go to Halong Bay Indochina junk Dragon pearl cruise. The Bay is included in the list of UNESCO world heritage Site and one of the most popular tourist spot these days. There are many attractions in the Bay which can make your visit worthwhile and here are some of them:

Cat Ba Island: This is the most popular attraction in Halong Bay Indochina junk 3 day cruise and it is always included in the tour packages that are offered by various companies. Cat Ba Island is popular for its caves and it also known that the island is a home for many endangered species such as Cat Ba langur. The island is also filled with restaurants, bars and hotels where you can take a rest after spending a day exploring the island.

Floating Villages: It may sound unbelievable, but it is true that there is a village in the sea. If you are curious about this village then you should take a tour at Halong Bay and you will see that many locals are living in floating houses. You can also try spending a night at those floating houses since the community offers home- stays for a reasonable price.

Bon Hon Island’s Virgin Cave: This is one of the most popular caves in Halong Bay. The cave is famous because of its shrine. There are many stories and legends regarding the origins of the shrine. A legend claims that there is a pretty woman who took her own life in the cave because she was being forced to marry an old Mandarin. Her body has never been brought home and as time passed it was turned into a stone. Another legend with a similar story tells that a Mandarin tried to force a girl to marry him because her father couldn’t pay his debt. The girl escaped but a fisherman found the girl’s corpse on the Island. They buried the body in the Island and built a small shrine inside the grotto. This is the reason why the cave is called a Virgin because the girl died a virgin.

These are some of the most popular attractions in Halong Bay that will give you the solid reasons to visit the place during your vacation. Those attractions will give you a thrilling and unforgettable experience that you can treasure for the rest of your life.

Fly to Halong bay on a day trip

Halong travel

Halong travel

You are planning to visit Halong bay but your time is limited, the best way to enjoy the beauty of Halong bay in a tight time frame is by seaplane. You can save the cost by flying one way in stead of a return trip. Halong junk cruise.

Halong bay is famous as the top destination in Vietnam and travelers cannot miss it if you have a chance to visit Vietnam. A typical trip to Halong usually last 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights, staying on board the cruiser. Travel time by car to and from Halong is 4 hours each way, it takes almost a half day to drive from Hanoi. In order to renew the itinerary, besides means by road travelers can travel by seaplanes, a new service launched in September 2014. Depending on your needs, conditions and amount of time you can take one of three choices below:

Option 1: Money is not problem
To save your time, you can book a return trip Hanoi – Halong – Hanoi, there are 2 trips a day departing at 9.00 and 12.45. Depending on your timing you can catch a taxi to Noi Bai airport, to Terminal T1 and do check-in procedures at counter 10, lobby A.

In the 60 minute flight Hanoi to Halong, travelers will have a chance to watch the panorama view of Halong bay on high at 500 – 3000 m. In your sight is thousands of limestone rocks jutting high from the tranquil blue water. The seaplane will then land at Tuan Chau island and return at 11.30 and 16.00 daily.
However you should not return right away but book a 4 hours cruise in Halong bay and have lunch on board, about 50 usd only and you will have a memorable experience with a Vietnamese style lunch in the middle of the bay, admire the caves and grottoes, kayaking among the blue lagoons.

Minimum time: 1 full day
Total cost: 800 usd (Road transfers, seaplane, food, cruise)

Option 2: Moderate cost
To save your expense, you can choose to fly one way from Hanoi to Halong and then return by bus, the itinerary is similar as above, but after landing you are free to schedule your time to explore and have fun.

Nearest place is Tuan Chau entertainment resort island, you can catch a taxi from Halong city to Tuan Chau island, buy entrance tickets 15 usd/person, there are many performances such as dolphins, crocodiles, water music…. You can also visit the outdoor entertainment area and test your ability with activities like windsurfing, canoeing, parachuting, watersliding motor…
Tuan Chau food area is also a suitable choice to have lunch without moving much, you can enjoy various dishes from 7 usd per person. At about 17.00 you can catch a taxi to the island’s entrance for a bus trip back to Hanoi, fares is 5 usd/person

Minimum time: 1 full day
Total cost: about 500 usd (Road transfer, lunch, seaplane)

Option 3: Saving
The best way to not have to spend too much money but still be able to admire Halong bay from on high is travel to Halong by road and book a tour by flight in 25 minutes. From Hanoi you drive to Tuan Chau island in 3 hours. The seaplane will depart and return to starting point at the end of the trip around the islands in Halong bay. There are 3 flights a day at 10.30 14.00 and 14.40. Depending on your arrival time in Tuan Chau island and flight schedule you can arrange lunch before or after the flight tour. For the night you can book a hotel or guesthouse in Bai Chay area, rates 20 – 25 usd/room.

Minimum time: 2 days
Total cost: 350 usd (Road transfer, lunch, seaplane)

Note: We recommend that you come early as the booking will close 25 minutes before departure time
Baggage allowance 20 kg per person
On holidays the seaplane may apply surcharge, you can change flight time but it is subject to availability.


International cruisers visit Halong bay

High class Seven Seas Voyager (USA) has just visited Halong bay carrying 650 international tourists, this is the first trip of the SS Voyager to Halong bay in 2015.

The vessel arrived at floating dock on 2nd February and will stay in Halong bay in 2 days, guests on board mainly come from United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, Russia, Finland…

Tan Hong tourism company Quang Ninh branch has welcomed and organized tours to Halong bay for the passengers, enjoy water puppetry performance, visit countryside villages in Van Don and Hanoi city.

On the evening 3rd February the ship left Halong bay and proceeds with it’s journey, it will come to Hue city, Ho Chi Minh city and Halong

Seven Seas Voyager from US is 6 star luxury ship, it is on a journey around the world.

Halong Bay has spectacular scenery with a system with thousands of caves and stunning limestone islands with steep cliffs, jutting high from the ocean. Halong Bay has been twice recognized by Unesco as a world natural heritage on value of the landscape in 1994 and geological, geomorphology value in 2000. It is considered to be one of the attractive destinations in Southeast Asia. According to statistics, about 7.5 million of foreign tourists to Vietnam every year, about 2.5 million chose Halong Bay as the top destination in Vietnam.

cruise ship in Halong bay

cruise ship in Halong bay

According to travel companies, in 2015 and coming years, international cruise tourism will continue to grow with better stability. This is one of the favorable conditions for Halong bay to implement the goal of promoting the pupularity of Halong bay. Over the past years, Halong bay has welcomed many big cruises with hundreds of thousands of visitors from Asia, Europe, Australia and Northern America. Among them, notably the return of a large number of shipping companies such as 5-star ship Voyager of The Seas, Mariner of The Seas, Celebrity Millennium, Diamond Princess Cruises


Typical Halong bay itinerary

Bai Tu Long bay

Bai Tu Long bay

Shopping for Halong tours is not like shopping for products online. Travel services don’t just sell a destination or transportation, they sell a state of mind. Too many travelers lose sight of this. You aren’t looking for a common everyday product where one manufacturer isn’t really all that different from another. Indeed, travel packages and vacation tours are not any different from a restaurant. Think about it-you can eat anywhere. You don’t need a restaurant if you just wanted to eat. Moreover, all restaurants prepare food. However, restaurants differ based on how they make you feel while enjoying their food. You should approach Halong tours the same way. There are many different packages that display the power, mystery, and magic of Halong Bay but the overall experience they produce are very different. Here are the factors you should keep an eye on when comparing different Bai Tu Long tours since these factors directly impact your experience.

Number of stops in your itinerary
Halong Bay has many faces. Each face has a different mood. Each face has different spots you can check out You need a decent number of stops in your itinerary to get decent exposure to and enjoyment of the different faces of Halong Bay. Too few stops and you risk only getting a bare sketch of the different faces. Too many stops at similar spots might bore you. You need the right balance to enjoy a memorable trip to Vietnam.

Diversity of itinerary stops
You should insist on quality over quantity. Too many similar stops can be boring and don’t really add value to your overall trip. You end up seeing only one facet of Halong Bay. Halong Bay has many different facets. A great diversity of stops lets you see the different faces and get a full idea of Halong Bay. You don’t even have to look for completely different itineraries. Instead, you should consider stops that let you sample the local food or enjoy the waters of Halong Bay.

Knowledgeable tour guides
Your tour guides are responsible for a large part of your experience. Their presentation, their attitudes, and the general ambience they set can turn an otherwise mediocre tour into a great and memorable one. Select tour packages based on their promises of knowledgeable, engaging, and personal be tour guides that can help open the Halong Bay experience to you and your family. Insist on nothing less because solid guides are exactly that-guides. They help set the mood and tone of your trip.

All Halong tours are not created equal. Just because they cover the same places doesn’t mean they cover it the same way. Just because different tours have similar components-tour buses, transfers, hotels, food stops-doesn’t mean the overall experience will be the same. Be on the on the lookout for the tiny little differences among different Halong tours which might add up to a huge difference in experiences. Use the guide above to help you find the right tour company which will give you the experience you came for.