Halong bay in north Vietnam

Halong overview

Halong overview

The north of Vietnam offers many different superb holiday destinations as well as many different types of holiday. Halong bay overnight cruises The country’s capital city, Hanoi, is of course in the north and is an excellent choice for anyone interested in Asian cities. It’s architecture is amazing with many delightful French colonial buildings blending perfectly with the older Eastern architecture and the modern glass towers. The Old Quarter here is a wonderful place to spend time. Bohemian by nature its many art-house style coffee shops, bars and restaurants are fascinating to visit. This part of town is becoming recognised as the artistic capital of Southeast Asia with many galleries and art collectives now finding permanent residence in the city.

Sapa of course is easily attainable from Hanoi. The overnight train drops travelers off in the early morning ready for a fleet of minibuses to shepherd them into the hilltop town. From here trekkers head out in voyages of discovery into the exquisite surrounding countryside. Hill side rice terraces form a wonderful backdrop to any walking holiday here. Many choose to climb Mount Fansipan, Vietnam’s highest peak. The mountains here are actually the southern most part of the Himalayas.

Islands in Halong bay All of these superb destinations are among the biggest tourist attractions in the country. It would take something very special indeed to top them. That they are topped, is testament to one of the greatest holiday experiences in the world. Halong Bay, is quite simply, heaven on Earth. Five hundred million years in the making, this six hundred square mile paradise is home to an abundance of rare flora and fauna, some of the greatest scenery imaginable and people who have lived their lives in much the same way, for centuries.

Halong Bay has won just about every accolade that is available to it. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also one of the “Seven Wonders of Nature” voted for in a global poll. The most popular and by far the best way to see the bay, is to book a cruise on one of the many cruise boats that ply their trade in the area. These are of an exceptionally high standard and offer comfort to the standard of four or five start hotels. Sipping a cocktail on the top deck off one of these vessels, whilst watching the sun bid farewell to the day, in Halong Bay, has to be one of life’s great experiences.

The bay has almost two thousands islands, most are no more than limestone karst formations that jut imperiously out of the water and tower above the boats. Many cannot be landed, but those that can offer delightful beaches, magnificent views and mysterious caves. The cruise companies offer holiday makers the choice of either 5 star total relaxation or adventure on a grand scale. Many choose to go swimming, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, rock climbing, trekking, fishing or all of the aforementioned. Late night beach barbecues and party boats are also very popular.

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Halong bay travel chapter 3

Halong travel guide

Halong travel guide

Top in the list of worth visiting site in north Vietnam is Halong bay, travellers going to Halong Bay usually spend 2 to 3 days, overnight on board the boat, the boats are designed elegantly as a floating hotel, halong bay cruises range from cheap to deluxe, some boats are built in standard of a 5 star hotel, with all facilites like sauna, spa…

Active travellers would find halong bay kayaking a very interesting activity, kayaks are made of plastic, a kayak can carry 1 or 2 people, kayaking can be arranged at 10-20 usd/kayak, traveller can explore the limestone rocks on the bay by paddling through hidden lagoons, under mountain caves and going on little islands for sun bath

The best area to go kayaking is near Cat Ba island, there are small islands with white sand beaches which are ideal for kayaking, some resorts built right on the beach also offer this services free for guests staying at their resort, such as Ocean Beach resort or Monkey island resort

Cat Ba island used to be part of Halong Bay tours, and is a popular destination for backpackers and active travellers, going to Catba island visitors can take a trip to nearby islands, visit Catba national park, go trekking in the forest, long trek can take up to 7-8 hours, crossing Viet Hai fishing village, frog lake…

Beside kayaking in Halong Bay and Cat Ba island, travellers who love wild nature also visit Quan Lan island. Located in the Bai Tu Long bay, Quan Lan island is about 3 hours by boat from Halong Bay, travellers can catch a public boat from Halong city or from Cai Rong town, Bai Tu Long bay is by no means less beautiful than Halong, and the beaches in Quan Lan is just wonderful, Minh Chau beach is considered as the best one, other beaches like Viet My, Son Hao are also popular.

There are not many hotels in Quan Lan island, neither restaurants and shops, visitors have only a few choices, Viet My resort is built right on the beach, there are more than 10 wooden houses, in summertime it is always crowded with tourists, mostly local Vietnamese, however it is almost empty in wintertime, other choices are Ngan Ha guest house, a simple family hotel right in the center of village, the host is a very friendly woman and great cook, and their restaurant is almost the only choice in the place

Bicycling is a popular option for visitors, the concrete road from the town centre to Minh Chau beach is especially beautiful, during the ride visitors can take photos of local people working on the rice fields, catching Sai Sung, a kind of sea worms, along the way sand dunes and pine hills stretch out through the horizon.

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