Halong cave stalactites damaged by tourism

Cave in Halong bay

Cave in Halong bay

The issue of cave dining in Halong bay is still hot then came the problem of many stalactites in the grottoes were destroyed.

Halong Bay was twice recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site, it is one of the new seven natural wonders of the world. Tourists to Halong bay are attracted by the three elements of stone, water and sky. It has thousands of islands along with the blue of the sea make up the giant picture, However to attract more travelers we cannot but mention the abundant cave system that is focused in the heritage center.

Recently, the problem many caves in the heritage core zone of Halong bay such as Trong cave, Tien Ong Cave, Virgin grotto, Dong Tien lagoon being used as a dining place has drawn attention of public opinion and heated the social forums. Soon the authorities of Ha Long City and Quang Ninh provincial People’s Committee had measures to terminate the dining services in the cave from the date of 30th October 2016.

However, once again the public opinion rose again about the disappearance of stalactites in caves in Ha Long Bay such as Tien Ong, Trong caves. In the small caves in the area of Cap La stalagmites have lost with signs of being cut out. The remaining stalactites had moss as an impact of man by the consequences of the use of the cave as a place to organize dining service is still left.

Cap Be cave is located at a height of 50 meters over sea level, the cave entrance is about 60 meters wide and about 50 meters long inside, the cave ceiling height of about 3m. Many stalactites here have signs of tips being cut, debris scattered on the cave floor.

Pham Dinh Huynh – Deputy Head of Halong Bay management – said, as soon as the information on stalactites in caves on Ha Long Bay are cut down, the inspection team was set up including Halong Bay Management Department, the Department of Culture and Sports of Quang Ninh province, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Quang Ninh province, the Department of Information and Communications, police in Quang Ninh, Ha Long city People’s Committee and press agencies went on examination of the places, however the results showed no stalactites being cut in the cave (?).

No one can be sure when the stalactites lost, there are many reasons that lead to the collapse in the caves, maybe due to geological development. Before Halong bay was recognized as a heritage there was not standing guards on the bay and the problem of destroying the stalactites still happened, however those are separate cases and not exploited and sold as bonsai, people just liked a stone shoot and broke it. Since the recognition of Halong bay we deployed the guards almost 24 hours on the bay and the problem no longer occurred.

Reporting on the results of examination, identifying the location of destroyed stalactites in the caves, Ha Long Bay Management Board stated: “The destruction of stalactites in caves on Ha Long Bay did occur, however, this problem had occurred before Halong Bay was recognized as a world natural heritage. Since 1995, the Ha Long Bay Management Board was established, under which 5 centers of heritage conservation were formed with a total of 130 staff working directly at the points at sea and in collaboration with some 80 collaborators who are organizations and individuals participating in economic activities on the bay to to perform administrative tasks, protecting the heritage value of Ha Long Bay, including protection of the caves. In addition, the team also handled violations on the bay with a total of 13 officers participating in patrolling all areas Halong Bay”.

Currently Halong bay has discovered nearly 60 caves, in which 8 caves are put into tourism operation, other caves are closed to preserve value. During 20 years of implementing the tasks of managing, conserving and promoting the values ??of the World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay, the Ha Long Bay Management Board has not detected any cases of abuse, destruction of stone shoots in the caves in the bay” the report stated.

Measures applied by Ha Long Bay Management Board in the conservation of stalactites in caves are also mentioned in the report: “For the caves being exploited for tourism: Based on detailed planning on conservation and promotion of the value of world natural heritage Ha Long Bay, the current regulation on implementing measures. Every year, Ha Long Bay management Board in collaboration with the Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources deployed investigation, search, evaluate the current situation in the cave, from which propose solutions that manage, conserve and promote sustainable value for each cave, choose the cave with large scale, aesthetic value, scientific to gradually build the Profile management to serve the management, conservation and sustainable promotion of ??cave values”.

Although Ha Long Bay Management Board has confirmed there has been no destruction of stalactites in the caves, but this also poses the problem of remediation, conservation of stalactites in caves in Halong Bay and effective measures to promote the value of preserving world heritage. Because, in order to promote conservation of the heritage value of Ha Long Bay there is no room for indifference.


New terminal in Tuan Chau tourist port

Tuan Chau international tourist port has officially put the new station into operation.

Tuan Chau wharf

Tuan Chau wharf

The new station was built on the ground of the old station, which was invested, renovated and expanded with professional design, with the total floor area of over 8,000 m2, more than 1,000 seats and can receive about 3,000 visitors at the same time waiting for boarding the cruise to visit Halong Bay.

To meet the needs of tourists, as well as creating the best conditions for the implementation of service units working in the port, the port management unit has arranged the station according to functional areas. Specifically, the area for procedures are widely arranged with modern equipment, to meet the needs of the work force at ports such as inland waterway, Halong Bay Management Board, Port management…

Besides, the new terminal also has a supermarket, children’s play areas, health centers, tradition music performance, post office and travel information areas. To assist passengers about schedules to visit Ha Long Bay, the new station is equipped with large screen monitor, continuously posting information about services, provide drinking water machine, free cold towels for tourists.

Discover the magic beauty of Banh Sua island

Banh Sua island

Banh Sua island

Banh Sua island (Milk Cake) is an oasis within the area of The Vang islands of Bai Tu Long bay, Quang Ninh province, an ideal destination for exploration lovers.

Banh Sua island is also called Ong Tam Tu Hai island, it is not a famous place such as Co To or Quan Lan island, Banh Sua is very wild with an area less than 1 square km.

Looking from above, Banh Sua island is much smaller than surrounding islands so people take pictures often call it “little brother” in the great family of the hundreds of islands in Bai Tu Long Bay. The atmosphere is always quiet and peaceful.

To explore this beautiful island, visitors must wake up from 5 am to catch the boat to the island, because at that time the tide is at its lowest. Barefoot on soft sand, racing against high tides, it all promises a day of fun and excitement

Continue your journey, you take the boat to the Quan cave about 30 minutes from the island, this place was requisitioned as a military base during the American war. There are many beautiful stalactites and stone shoots of different shapes and sizes. When the sun becomes brilliant, stop the boat by the raft houses of fishermen on the bay. The customers can buy favourite and bring on Banh Sua island and ask local people to prepare lunch for you.

The little brother in the Bai Tu Long Bay family has an area less than 1 km2, so there is no long sandy beaches like on the other islands, but in return, the water is extremely blue. You can unleash in the cool water and behold the colorful coral.

In the afternoon, travelers can visit the pier area that connects with the oyster farms, go swimming and catch oysters with local people. The island has a high rocky mountain, an ideal place to admire the sunrise, beautiful sunsets and collect in sight of beautiful Bai Tu Long Bay.

At dawn, the sparkling of sun, enlightens the island in the distance the island would make you surprised. At sunset the blue Bai Tu Long bay appears in mild yellow sunshine, the burning red sun slowly sink into the sea behind the mountains makes everyone admiring.

Be immersed in the nature, learn about the life of fishermen on the island, trust that visitors will have an exciting experience. And somewhere on this lovely island, you will find the sweet moments as the name Milk Cake, to temporarily forget the worries of everyday life

Escape to tranquil Lan Ha bay

It’s easy to find information about Halong bay budget travel around the net, however there is little information about Halong’s next door neighbor Lan Ha bay. In this article I would like to share some experience about how to rent a boat to Lan Ha bay when you have a chance to visit Cat Ba island.

Lan Ha bay

Lan Ha bay

Lan Ha bay is seen as a princess located in the south of Halong Bay with thousands of scattered islands. The special thing of Lan Ha Bay, you can take a boat to visit the mountains on the islands that have extremely beautiful sandy beaches at the foot.

Lan Ha bay is also famous for Van Gia fishing village about 15 minutes by boat from Cat Ba town, this is an old floating village over one hundred years with thousands of households living mainly by fishing. Also, when cruising on Lan Ha Bay, visitors can swim at beaches of Monkey Island or if you like walking in the forest you can take the boat to visit Viet Hai village, located deep in Cat Ba national park, separated from the outside world.

Price list to rent a boat to visi Lan Ha bay from Cat Ba island or from Monkey island resort (For 20-30 seater boat)
– From the beach at Monkey island is 50 usd/boat in 2 hours
– From Cat Ba to Lan Ha bay, beaching at Monkey island: 70 usd for 3 hours
– From Cat Ba to Van Gia fishing village (Lan Ha bay) and beaching at Monkey island is 100 usd for 4 hours
– From Cat Ba to Lan Ha bay and then to Viet Hai village: 90 usd for 3 hours
– From Cat Ba to Long Chau lighthouse is 120 usd for 4 hours
– From Cat Ba to Lan Ha bay, fishing in 3 hours: 90 usd.

You can rent a boat from Cat Ba to Halong bay, 120 usd – 150 usd depending on number of visitors.

Source: http://cheaphalongtours.com/resources/how-to-rent-a-boat-to-visit-lan-ha-bay.php

Enjoy comfort of a private cruise in Halong bay

Private Halong bay cruise

Private Halong bay cruise

If you are traveling to Quang Ninh for business or holiday, everybody wants want to visit Halong Bay. However it is not easy to choose and rent a boat to for a cruise in Ha Long Bay with reasonable price and good quality. We would like to share to you some experience to rent a boat in Halong bay.

If traveling alone or in small groups, travelers can buy tickets at the booking office of Bai Chay Wharf. This way is a little inconvenient when you will have to wait until a boat has enough tourists, or to join a group. In summer, there are more visitors and it is easier to join a group than winter. Price depends on the quality and size of the vessel and depends on the number of hours the boat goes. Currently, most boat cruises in 4, 6 or 8 hour itinerary.

And if you want to rent a private boat to visit Halong bay, you may contact the Information Centre for Tourism Promotion of Quang Ninh, address: International Park Royal – Bai Chay area, Ha Long city. Here you will consulted and introduced about chartering, pricing, etc, you will also be given a tourist map, leaflets about tourism in Quang Ninh and Ha Long bay.

Also note, if you want to have food on board, you need to be agreed upon in advance with the ship owners on the menus, prices and so on. You can also buy seafood directly from fishing farm on the bay and have the boat staff to prepare for you. Drinks are usually for sale on board but you should ask before buying because the price could be higher than normal.

There are over 350 cruise ships serving various kinds of visitors to Halong Bay private tours. Guests can contact and rent a boat at Bai Chay Wharf (or call 0978 586 555 for more information) or deal directly with the companies operating the cruises. Depending on the extent to meet the requirements for facilities, equipment, cruise ships are classified in specific classes

Some notes on renting a boat:
– Small boats are not allowed to spend the night on the bay
– Wooden boats are usually for rent by groups, if you are traveling individually you need to join them if possible.
– In order to charter a boat you are recommended to ask the hotel staff to contact boat company and arrange a cruise for you.

Here are some of the cruise ships in Halong you can contact:

Huong Hai Company.
Address: No. 1, Vuon Dao, Bai Chay, TP. Ha Long, Quang Ninh
Phone: 3845042; Fax: 3846236
Hai Au Company.
Address: 4 Ha Long Road, Bai Chay, TP. Ha Long, Quang Ninh Province
Phone: 3847416; Fax: 3847769
Halong Bien Ngoc Company.
Address: Group 3 Bai Chay district, Ha Long, Quang Ninh Province
Phone: 3849681; Fax: 3849694
Hai Long cruise company
Address: 32 Cherry, Bai Chay, TP. Ha Long, Quang Ninh Province
Phone: 3846099; Fax: 3845704
Pacific II Company
Address: Halong – Bai Chay, TP. Ha Long, Quang Ninh Province
Tuan Chau hotel Co. Ltd
Address: Tuan Chau Ha Long, Hanoi. Ha Long, Quang Ninh Province
Phone: 3842888; Fax: 3842166
Au Lac Company Limited
Address: Tuan Chau Ha Long, Hanoi. Ha Long, Quang Ninh Province
Phone: 3842115; Fax: 3842119
Bai Tho cruise company
Address: 175 High Green, TP. Ha Long, Quang Ninh Province
Phone: 3826274; Fax: 3626409
Bai Tu Long Co. Ltd
Address: 34 High Green kgu 2A, TP. Ha Long, Quang Ninh Province
Phone: 3829325; Fax: 3829325
Dreaming Sea company
Address: 3A 18 Yet Kieu district, Ho. Ha Long, Quang Ninh Province
Phone: 3826090

Source: http://privatehalongcruises.com/news/how-to-rent-a-cruise-in-halong-bay.php

Dragon eye island, new paradise for explorers

For most tourists to budget Halong bay cruises, the name Dragon’s Eye island (Dao Mat Rong) is still unknown to veteran travelers simply because there is not much information and pictures about it. However if you have ever been here you would not be surprised, astonished at the beauty and pristine impression that the island offers.

Dragon Eye island

Dragon Eye island

Halong Bay is a natural Wonder of the World which gives visitors an impressive and imposing natural landscape. It was the factors of landscapes, geology and history that Halong has twice been honored as UNESCO world natural heritage. But indeed it also hides a lot of surprises, including the islands of the Dragon’s Eyes.

Dragon’s Eye Island is the common name that refers to Bai Dong island, an island located in the south of Halong Bay, near the waters adjacent to Lan Ha Bay. Especially as the island has never had any tourism activity and thus still remain the pristine appearance. Looking down from above Dragon’s Eye island is surrounded by two large rock blocks and white sand beach stretches.

This island is a pretty new address for adventurous travelers as there is not much information about it. The main emphasis of the Dragon’s Eye island is the water pool located between the rocks and dense primeval forests. The blue color like sapphire of the water make it prominent compared to the thousands of different islands of Halong Bay.

In the coming time Dragon’s Eye island will be exploited for ecotourism combined with water sport activities such as kayaking, flying boats, pontoon boats, camping, barbecue…The restrain is there is no fresh water and hygiene problem, visitors coming here usually have to bring all food, drinks and clean all waste with them before leaving.

Currently the service on the island was almost nothing, this will be solved in the near future as there will be a tourism project here. It is pristine, wild and somewhat lacking that urges those who love traveling to go exploring this beautiful island.

How to get there?
From Hanoi, you will have to travel to Halong city for approximately 170km. After arriving in Ha Long, you catch a taxi to the Bai Chay port or Doan port to catch a boat to the island of Dragon’ Eye, you can contact Le Hoang Truong Sa company at No. 46, Group 6, Zone 7, Hong Ha ward in Ha Long City to rent the boat.
Currently, in addition to the usual transportation, travelers can also add a new choice for modern and luxury seaplane of Hai Au company, the aircraft with 2 pilots seat, 12 seats for passengers and spacious windows, not only helps travelers save travel time, but also help you comfortably watch the beauty of Halong bay from above, recording unforgettable moments of the bay from a height of between 150 and 3,000 meters above sea level.
To book a seaplane airline tickets, you can visit the website: seaplanes.vn, or book tickets via telephone: 0962960698.

Source: http://www.cruise-halong-bay.com/blog/dragon-eye-island.asp

Travel Halong bay on Indochina junk cruise

You are traveling to Halong bay for the first time and take a cruise to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the bay is a must, so where and how can you arrange a private cruise in Halong bay and how much it costs?

There are two options for a cruise trip in Halong bay: You can charter a cruise however will be very expensive, a cheaper option is to rent a wooden boat.

Private charter cruise in Halong bay

Private charter cruise in Halong bay

If money is not your problem and you just want to have a really enjoyable trip, to be served like a prince then choose a cruise ship, a voyage usually lasts 2 to 3 days with full meals on board. If you don’t have much time and just want to have a day cruise we recommend that you rent a wooden boat for a few hour cruise on the bay, visit the caves and some beautiful places in Halong bay.

Price for a privately chartered cruise in Halong bay ranges from 500 – 1000 USD, a private cruise is no doubt an unforgettable experience, some deluxe cruises offer tailor made tours such as White Dolphin cruise, Pearly Sea cruise, Legend cruise or Indochina Junk. You will spend the night on board, meals will be served on board or if you like the meals will be arranged in a mountain cave, in the candle lights or on the beach, this is really a wonderful experience for honeymoon couples or family holiday. Most international visitors to Halong bay want to stay overnight on boat while domestic tourists only take day cruises.

If you are traveling in a group of 8 people or more we recommend that you charter a private boat with all meals included, you can also arrange a music performance, have a coffee on sundeck while sightseeing.

From my experience, when traveling Halong bay the most tiring job is to rent a cruise and price of a boat trip. Although there are up to 500 boats permitted to operate in Halong bay however it is rather messy with unfair competition and the way they do business is untrustworthy. Many visitors were disappointed about their trip in Halong bay.

Source: http://www.indochinajunkcruises.com/travel-guides/guide-tips/how-to-arrange-a-cruise-in-halong-bay.htm