Cruise Halong bay on board traditional junk

Halong junk cruise

Halong junk cruise

Halong Bay cruises offer one of the best views in Vietnam. Halong Bay cruise is a beautiful setting filled with thousands of islets, crystal clear waters, and faced by sheer cliffs. There are three types of cruises you can take on Halong Bay.

Junk Cruises
A junk boat is a wooden boat that is made in the classic Asian style. It is fairly small, but it has room for a restaurant, a lounge, a bar, a shop, and a library inside. There are perhaps a dozen or so sleeping cabins on a junk boat.

You can have Vietnamese foods in the restaurant, see performances of Vietnamese music, or participate in other cultural activities. Night fishing is a popular activity, as is kayaking during the day. There are many different junk boats cruising the Halong Bay at any given time.

Luxury Cruises
There are also luxury cruises on the Halong Bay. One cruise ship is called the Emeraude. It is a historic single-wheeled paddle steamboat that was built in Vietnam. The ship is only about 180 feet long, yet it has three decks and 39 cabins, including one suite. The restaurant will hold 80 people, and there are bars, shops, massage rooms, and entertainment venues.

There is a sun deck where you can relax, or take a Tai chi class in the morning. There is a swimming platform so that you can swim off the side of the ship. The waters of the bay are always warm and calm, so swimming there is a treat.

Included in the price of the luxury Halong Bay cruises are:
– A private car with a driver
– A luxury twin or double cabin with air conditioning
– Main meals and a cocktail when you arrive onboard
– Fees that need to be paid to get into Halong Bay
– Tai Chi class

Things you have to pay for are:
– A private boat
– Extra drinks
– Tips
– Massages
– Guided tours

Charter Cruise
The third kind of Indochina junk cruises are the chartered cruises. You can take either the Junk cruises or the luxury cruises on chartered tours. You choose the ship and have some say about the itinerary.

Most of the chartered cruises are three or four day trips, mainly because the area the ships sail is not vast. Some of the cruises are only two day cruises. Sometimes people take small chartered junk boats out with as little as three people. This is a very intimate type of vacation.

Halong Bay cruises are available on a two main types of ships – the luxury ships and the junk boats. However, the varieties of sights you will see are endless. There are so many physical features of the Bay and nearby areas that you will probably never notice them all. That is why it is nice if you can take more than one cruise on Halong Bay.


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