Prepare a trip to Halong bay

Are you excited preparing for your next tour to Halong bay? you feel interested to join the trip however wonder what preparations you need to travel. Here are some notes about traveling in Halong bay, recognized as a New World wonder.

1 – Time to visit Halong bay
Halong bay tourismHalong bay is part of Tonkin Gulf – where the weather has 4 distinct seasons of which the most notable are: Winter (from November previous year to March next year) the weather was very cold and summer (From April – October) the weather is very hot. Due to the distinct division in the weather so that at any time Halong bay is a popular destination that attracts tourists from all over the world. For domestic tourists the best time to go to Halong bay is summer time while winter is the peak season of for international travelers.

Visit Halong

Visit Halong

As summer is the main season of Halong bay travel, the best time to visit this World heritage is from March to May and from August to October. June and July are not recommended due to some reasons:
– Weekends of June and July are peak days, the number of people to Halong increases sharply and thus put up the price of service.
– This period is also monsoon season when many typhoons from East Sea will hit Vietnam and Quang Ninh province, where Halong bay is located, therefore you must consider your time to visit Halong. If June, July is the only time you can travel Halong bay you are recommended to take organized tours offered by tour companies, this will minimize the above risks.

2 – Preparing luggage
In summer, the beaches of Halong as well as other beaches are hot and sunny and it may burn your skin and don’t forget to bring along anti sunburn lotion. Domestic visitors are also recommended to bring with you towels, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste. Although these items are available at the hotels however cannot compare to our own things, and a pair of sunglases and a wide brimmed hat is recommended. Visiting Halong bay will take you to the mountain caves and you should wear soft slippers when you walk.

Travel to beach areas of Halong bay your swimming suit is indispensable as it pretty much decides your confidence in a crowd. Guest can rent the suit at the beach from 2 – 5 usd depending on quality. And if you are a photo lover a camera is essential, don’t make you regret for failing to bring a camere as Halong bay is very spectacular.

3 – Mode of transport and itinerary
There are many ways for you to choose depending on preference and conditions. Halong city is 165 km from Hanoi, it takes 3-4 hours by car, travellers can also catch a public bus on Hoang Long Express from Luong Yen bus station, there is a trip every 10 minutes. There are high quality buses to Halong at other stations such as Long Bien, My Dinh, Gia Lam, in addtion you can take a day train to Halong, starting from Yen vien train station at 4.55 am daily.

Bus fares from Hanoi to Halong is 5 usd/person by public bus, when the bus arrives in Halong city you can catch a Xe Om (motorbike taxi) from bus station to tourist port in Bai Chay, 1 usd/person, it may cost up to 2 usd/person if you go to Hon Gai wharf or Tuan Chau island wharf, if there are more than 3 people it is recommended to go by taxi, you can also catch a shuttle bus from station to tourist are, only 5000 VND/person

4 – Hotels in Halong city.
There are many hotels 3 and 4 star in Halong city for you to choose, most hotels are located in Bai Chay tourism area. Room rates at a 3 star hotel is from from 30 usd/day. Vietnamese visitors usually visit Halong bay at weekend and it is very difficult to book a hotel, and price is really expensive. International tourists are recommended to go to Halong on week days. Besides, you can book a guest house or small family hotel at 7-10 usd/day. There are many hotels and we would like to suggest some: Halong Plaza hotel, Halong Dream, Mithrin hotel, Halong Pearl, Cong Doan hotel…

5 – Halong bay cruises:
There are more and more Vietnamese tourists choose an overnight trip in Halong bay on board junk boat, it is an interesting experience with activities such as kayaking, swimming or relax on sun deck, enjoy the spectacular scenery of Halong bay at sunset, fishing night…Many cruises in Halong offer 2 day or 3 day trips like Indochina Sails, Bhaya…Especially most boats offer special promotion in summer from June to September.

6 – Eating and drinking
Regarding food, there are plenty of restaurants from budget to luxury to choose when you go Halong bay such as Panorama Restaurant, address 168 HaLong and Bai Chay, Nightingale Restaurant (Pier 98); Blue Sea restaurant at 8 Le Thanh Tong, Hai Ninh restaurant (zones 3, Peach Garden); Thien Ly Restaurant at Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Cua Ong)… If you want to enjoy Halong seafood specialties, you can go to Sea Food Restaurant (Haong Street) or Thu Huong, Nostalgia restaurant at Tran Hung Dao street.



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