The beauty of Cua Van fishing village in Halong

When one hears of a “fishing village” one would think about one of many villages lying on a small island, living by fishing. However when you see it by your own eyes, it turns out that the fishing village is made up of the tumbledown houses tied together on the surface of the sea

From hundreds of years, there have existed inside the heritage Halong Bay the lives of Cua Van village fishermen. Unlike the life on the mainland, all activities of the local people are associated with the sea.

Cua Van fishing village

Cua Van fishing village

Cua Van fishing village is derived from two ancient fishing villages Giang Vong and Truc Vong along with some islands, has become a part of Halong Bay. Cua Van fishing village is now home to nearly 200 households , with more than 1000 inhabitants, mostly living by fishing. The whole village is surrounded by an immense natural background with rolling mountains deep blue sea and sky

Halong bay tours – Floating on the water, the house boats is linked with each other by a small bridge span. The boat plays both as a home and means of transport and making a nomadic life. They leave for Dua mouth in the morning, back to Cong Dong in the afternoon and make it up to Cat Ba, Ngoc Vung, Co To islands….When the sea is calm fishermen anchor their boats, throwing nets, casting fishing rods to catch fish and prawns, when the sea is rough they withdraw to mountain caves, get on the mainland waiting for the typhoon go away.

Many visitors are fascinated by the unique beauty of Cua Van fishing village. The boat houses are floating on fish cages side by side, people of Cua Van are simple plain and very friendly and hospitable.

For many generations, people of Cua Van is illiterate, There have been a school in recent years, the school is located on an area of 150 m2 at the foot of Ngoc mountain. The village school has only 4 classrooms and a few small rooms for the teacher. No facilities, no spacious however the school is always bustling with quick steps and cheerful faces

In recent years, Cua Van fishing village is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists by peaceful setting, it draws curiosity of tourists, especially the floating cultural center – the first model for the fishermen community in Vietnam in order to conserve, preserve cultural values through the traditional activities as well as exchanges between community residents and visitors.

The floating cultural center has an area 330 m2, it has collected and displayed hundreds of artifacts, including tools, fishing means of the ancient Vietnamese, multiple images, documentaries and publications on folk culture and life of the residents living in the fishing villages of Halong Bay in the past and present. Surprisingly to know that the guides who are professionally presenting to tourirsts are children of Cua Van and haven’t been to any professional school.

As Halong bay is the most visited destination in Vietnam, Cua Van village has become a must for all Halong bay tours. One activity that many tourists enjoy when visiting Cua Van is squid fishing at night. Joining the boats out to sea catching squid visitors feel the ocean’s salt, under moonlight and the weak lamps young fishermen cast their rods into water, the squids follow the light and are captured, the basins are filled quickly. After fishing travellers stay overnight with village families, enjoy folk songs and seafood made by local fishermen.

When Cua Van village is in festivals or weddings, tourists can enjoy traditional teasing songs, Cheo Duong song (a typical way of singing for the people living in Halong bay areas). Many experts and visitors said that coming to Cua Van is to learn about the culture of the fishermen in the heart of the heritage…



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