Bai Tu Long bay to put into tourism operation

Vice Presidend of the Quang Ninh province confirms that the province will take the sights of Bai Tu Long bay into travel operation from summer 2014

bai tu long bay

bai tu long bay

The expansion of tourist attractions in Bai Tu Long bay will create an opportunity for the province’s tourism industry, provide travellers more choices to visit and admire the natural wonders of the geological values and geomorphology of the area.

Thong stressed that the attractions, travel routes, cruises and tours will operate on the principle of ensuring absolute safety.

The province People’s committee assigned the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in coordination with the Ha Long Bay Management Board, Department of Transportation, Provincial Police, travel agents and tour operators study and announce the cruises and routes, promote the image of Bai Tu Long bay and regulations on the management of cruise ships on Halong Bay.

As proposed by the departments, agencies and localities, Quang Ninh will build three tour routes, three points and three lines in Bai Tu Long Bay. Currently preparations to open the tours, stays on the Bai Tu Long Bay are actively implemented by departments and authorities.

Putting into operation this summer, the tour routes include Ha Long – Xep Island Park, Reverse, Vung Duc (Cam Pha City) – Hon Reverse Park, Cai Rong town, Minh Chau beach(Van Don District), three-point to stay overnight is Van Canh island and Xep island

Currently some travel companies running Halong Bay tours are expanding part of their itineraries to Bai Tu Long bay as Halong has become crowded

Located in the Bai Tu Long complex, the Bai Tu Long national park is considered as a forest and marine reserve. Bai Tu Long is attached to Vietnam history with the trading port of Cai Rong, very prosperous in the Ly dynasty (13th century), this area saw the victory of the national hero Tran Khanh Du in the fights against the invaders Mongolians



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